Viaduc du N'Zi photo credit: Denis Carrascosa

Viaduc du N’Zi is a railway bridge in Cote d’Ivoire passing over the N’zi river                         photo credit: Denis Carrascosa


Leaders at all levels have a role to be instruments of lasting economic and social development, and my work attempts to explore and understand business leadership in Africa, with a special focus on the tourism industry.

I have over ten years’ business advisory and research experience in the infrastructure, tourism and sustainable development space. My research work focuses on business leadership in Africa, and the supply-side of the tourism system.

I have also worked on several evidence-based business advisory and tourism projects in sub-Saharan Africa with a focus on business development,  destination development and management, investment analysis and market feasibility studies.

I am passionate about leadership for societal change, with a special interest in the potential for tourism to be a strong vehicle for sustainable development in Africa.